Romance Stock Music For Production | Shooting Star (Candlelight Mix Vocal Ext. 1)

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Full Title: Shooting Star (Candlelight Mix Vocal Extract 1)
ISRC: GB-6RZ-10-00007
Composer/s: Nicholas Arnold
Copyright: Juicy Lemon Music (UK)
Publisher: Peermusic (UK) Ltd.

A short extract of the vocal version of Shooting Star by Bang! A beautiful female vocal, with a wonderful sentiment. The full instrumental is also available, please see my portfolio.

This is a gentle piano/vocal rendition of the huge dance hit "Shooting Star" The vocal version of this piece featured on the Bang! album in 2010, however the instrumental is just as moving but isn't dependent on the lyric to find a suitable visual.

The main phrases include and intro,verse,bridge,middle 8 and of course a huge chorus. A long piece which if edited carefully allows lots of scope.

Mostly minor chord phrases with the occasional major positive, this song was a UK#3 hit for dance act Flip 'n Fill in 2002 and was written by Nick Arnold of Juicy lemon Music.

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