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I love RevoStock. You guys are my "secret weapon". With tight deadlines and client's wanting a national looking commercial on a local cable budget, it's hard to impress the client and still make a good profit. RevoStock is a very cool resource for the production community.
----- T. Radford - Production Coast
Whether you're in a bind and need an impressive template fast or want to learn how the pro's make feature film quality effects, REVOSTOCK is THE resource for After Effects templates and effects!!
----- J. Travis - Bluestream Productions, Inc.
Hi, Chrissi from We Shoot Video here. I love your site. I had a project that needed quite a few scenes that would have cost the client probably 4 or 5 times the amount to produce if we had to film it all. My client was amazed that I found the majority of the needed clips to do the video from your company. We only had to actually film the location shots at their facility. You made it possible for the quote to be low enough for my client to go ahead with the project and they were thrilled with the end result. Thank you so much!
----- C. Barnett - We Shoot Video
I love the site. That's it. :) Detail: big thumbnails, much valuable info below each thumbnail, clear statements.
----- G. Recchia - Grenar
I like virtually everything about Revostock. As a producer I've found submitting footage a simple process. As a user/customer I love the variety, customizable search, and prices. I love that Revostock is around!
----- J. Larvick
The two things that stands out the most are the quality and the value. I love the After Effects templates. Everything is very relevant to our culture and sharp.
----- J. Banks - Mountain View Christian Assembly
I highly enjoy all of Revostock's offerings. They are high quality files, I've never had any problems downloading, and I've been extremely happy with all of my purchases.
----- M. Montanez
I've used both Stock Footage and templates to enhance my projects. I've gotten great feedback from the work I've created with your help. Keep the stock images of high quality and the templates creative and we'll keep using them!
----- V. Desiderioscioli - Marriott International, Inc.
Revostock has proved to be an invaluable asset to my post production needs! From broadcast productions to webshows, as an extremely busy PPS and editor, I have found that I can always rely on Revostock to provide high-end, quality stock footage, music and AE templates. Jim The Editor
----- J. Tircuit - Jim The Editor
Dear Revostock, I would like to take this opportunity to thank your for the high degree of professionalism provided by your staff & also compliment you on the excellent quality audio & video content you provide. I have used a number of your products & services including stock footage & video templates & your weekly
----- n. talbot - CinesoundAsia
I have been using Revostock for some time now and with the recent web site update have found my experience even better. This is not to say the web site was bad in the past but to say that revostock have improved on a good design. I would also like to add the pricing seems fair as I have looked at other sites offering similar services and found them to be expensive. For an independant video producer like myself revostock is a godsend.
----- C. Elliott - Cliff Elliott Video Edit Services
This site completely ROCKS. For the busy professional that needs quick turn around on very slick, very professional jobs this will definitely become my one-stop-shop!
----- t. pilotte - PCS
Couldn't produce some of the smaller budget projects with out Revostock. RevoStock makes it easy for me to find professional looking graphics at less than half the price I would have to pay a graphic designer and I can sit in my underwear at home and search for graphics!
----- P. Yunker - Yunker Video Productions
Great site, I like that I can preview a video before I actually go to the page for it. I have enjoyed revostock's AE materials for many years now and they really are a fantastic time saving option for those of us with tight deadlines to meet. Thanks to every artist out there sharing their talent with the digital world and getting paid to make it an easier place to work in.
----- N. Nugent - NRN Design
Hi Revostock, First, I want to say how much I value your website. I probably first started checking it out because of the Weekly Freebies you offer. But over time I found it a great place to visit to get inspiration for video projects and to purchase high-quality After Effects templates. These have been a life saver and they have created that extra
----- W. Wallace
Revostock has a great selection, is easy to navigate, and decent prices. Thanks for making projects easy.
----- K. Daughtry
I like how you can actually mouse over things to get an idea of what you are looking for then if you like it, you can click and hear or see more detail of a particular clip...
----- k. owen - All Star Productions
I'm very happy with Revostock! Fast, easy and a good price!! Thanks Juergen Beck Freedom Light Productions www.freedomlightonline.com
----- J. Beck - Freedom Light Productions
I love the site and the content (AE Templates) that I have been able to utilize has made me both a rock star and indispensable at work. Can�t thank you enough for that.
----- K. Gustafson - D&M Professional
I have not had any issues with your site and compared to other sites I have worked with, yours is one of the best. Thanks for making my job easier. Tucker B., Hollingsworth Productions, LLC
----- T. Boyd
No matter how many sites I visit to acquire cutting edge templates and video footage, I always find myself back at Revostock. You guys rock! From the great interactive website to the efficient designers, I know I can count on a great product to present to my students and clients. Thanks Revostock.
----- T. Hightower - Kemet Creative Media
I'm a Revostock contributor, but I'm also a customer. Revostock is the first place I look for any video & audio files.
----- S. Anderson
You guys have very good quality video and music! I have used everything I have purchased and the people were impressed!!!
----- A. Howard - First Assembly Of God
Design was very easy to use and understand. Well done
----- n. champion
Thank you very much for your work and your excellent service!
----- I. Beck
I am so happy that I found out about www.Revostock.com! I am a very independent filmmaker who works with minuscule budgets and I have used many of their Royalty Free stock shots for my films. Revostock has a great library of RF footage that is way cheaper than any other stock footage web site. And the quality of the footage is great as well! Finally there is a web site that understands the dilemma independent filmmakers are faced with when they are trying to find quality footage at an affordable price! Kudos to you www.Revostock.com!
----- M. Connelly - Uniconn Productions
I have found your site extremely intuitive to find what I need. I have never spent more than a couple of minutes finding everything I want.
----- m. egts
Aside from being an easy to use service, I love the fact that so much talent can be offered to creative professionals by creative professionals. Most of the offerings I have seen include everything needed to create the exact imagery represented in the sale, but also the assets to infinitely customize your projects distancing yourself from that
----- A. Silverman
My favorite place to get all my footage and template needs. Reasonably priced, this freelancer feels as though this is another tool in my belt that I can use to make my video work even more dimensional.
----- D. Bailey - Dyan Bailey
I was so pleased to find this service. I use Adobe After Effects and have already produced a great promotional piece for one of my clients. They were extremely happy with the results and it really cut down on the amount of time I'd have to spend on design and therefore it enabled me to keep the cost down for my client as well. Great designs to choose from;, I looked long and hard before deciding to go with RevoStock. Many thanks!
----- L. Fidler - Lillian Fidler Design
I've always found Revostock the easiest way to find my After Effects templates for my projects.
----- D. Yamamoto
Revostock is the first place I go to search for stock music, despite the myriad of other stock music options on the internet. It is the largest and most diverse collection I have found, and the way the music is separated into categories is really helpful. I almost always find what I am looking for on Revostock. The new format takes some getting used to, and search results don't always yield exactly what I was looking for, but that is a bug that will be worked out, and I will get used it as well. Revostock will remain my #1 choice for stock music.
----- J. Bennardo - Immagine' Productions
The new design makes finding what I need so simple and fast. It's great.
----- M. Watkins - Coral Lane Productions
Dear Revostock, I would just like to say that Revostock continues to be an important and useful component of my business. As a marketing and advertising agency that often is involved with video production, we turn to Revostock to help our clients determine what kind of music they want in their videos. Oftentimes, our clients say, 'That one!' and we are good to go. I've always felt Revostock's pricing, selection and service is paramount. Rider Enterprises Inc. uses Revostock and I, the president, am a big fan! Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Derek G. Rider, B.Journ. President Rider Enterprises Inc.
----- D. Rider - Rider Enterprises
It's great being able to scroll on top of the image and have it play for you. Also, everything is easy to access.
----- W. Horsley
i love Revostock, it has the best variety of clips available
----- I. III
I think it would be very helpful if the price for the clip was displayed before actually having to click on it. When you scroll over the clip and it begins to play, knowing the price would save a step. Then you would not have to click on a video that is over the amount you want to spend. I really like Revo Stock. It is an easy to use site with lots of options. I really enjoy the time I spend on the site browsing for videos that will work for my projects.
----- K. Guerrero - Intellectual Baby
I like the fact that you feature After Effects templates, stock video and stock music all in one site. The editor's choice tends to be a selection of good picks - a reliable source of good quality. The community and blog features are fantastic - particularly the 'request footage' forum.
----- R. Stock
Frankly, I think RevoStock is the easiest to use of all the stock footage sites that I purchase from. Well done.
----- J. Becker - thinkfilm, inc.
I absolutely thank GOD for Revostock! It's such an amazing community of talented and gifted artists that have created AE templates that make my projects come alive. Even when I run across a problem with any of the templates, the turn around time for someone to respond to me is always within less than 2-3 hours and that's amazing considering some companies take 2-3 days (if not longer) to respond.
----- C. Campbell - The Potter\'s House Ministries, INC
Absolutely love the functionality and ease of searching for music and stock footage.
----- T. Chartrand - Thomas Chartrand
I love the new layout. Helps me get to what I'm needing quicker so projects get delivered on time with less hassle.
----- B. Shoop
I really enjoy selling here. The site is simple to navigate for uploaders. I've also purchased a few files from here and have had a great experience with that. I was having issues converting credits over and your team really helped out with a very quick response!
----- S. Cornell - Art Sale Hub
A ton of great content, great prices and extremely easy to use interface which makes it easy & fast for me to find what I need to get a project done!
----- P. Garcia
You and your site are wonderful !!!
----- S. Giuseppe
I always check on the new after effects projects weekly. I am always looking for new and cool opens for different segments that I produce and I can always find something to use with the search tools on the site.
----- K. Willman - Video Expressions
A great resource for independent film makers - we highly recommend it! (And great exposure for the artists as well.) A great one-stop-shop for anyone in the industry.
----- A. Waddell - 2012 Productions
You guys rock! You have a great site and the one time I needed to ask a question, your customer service person got right back to me and was very helpful. Keep it up!
----- J. Walton - Awana International
You have made your great web interface even better. As a filmmaker I can't imagine not having revostock as a resource. I love it and so do my clients.
----- D. Peters - Global Story2 Films
I have enjoyed using Revostock and have recommended it to other editors and they are using Revostock as well. Continue the great work.
----- M. Mwaura
I've used many of your clips in various productions - always with great results. Keep up the good work!
----- B. Berry - Berry MediaWorks
Revostock's AE Templates ROCK! They save valuable design time, allowing me to deliver a high quality product to the client every time! Definitely worth their weight in GOLD.
----- D. Anderson - Streetwise Creative Group, LLC
Easy, reliable, fast, quality, all at once!
----- P. Toro Coll - The Jump Productions
Revostock should get more credit than it gets and be among the top stock sites worldwide,The site is very user friendly and as a video and audio producer you can find just about anything not to mention the availability of AE and Apple Motion templates which come in handy too! Congratulations for offering one of the best stock sites around!
----- D. Bugeja
AE Projects are fantastic for developing promos quickly and great VALUE for money
----- M. Oworu
Whenever I need any type of music for my films/videos Revostock is always my first and last stop!
----- P. Lewin - Pablo Lewin Productions LLC
Love the new site! Have continued to use revostock for video production and often recommend my friends and colleagues to this site. Keep up the good work!!
----- B. Langendoen
Revo Stock has enhanced my productions greatly! Keep the After Effects coming!
----- M. Pilch
Thank You Thank You Thank YOU!!! for putting the credit cost of a clip in the thumbnail preview window. You have saved me Hours!!! I love Revo stock
----- J. Mendez - Hen House Media
Revostock excellently organizes their products and provides and easy way to search for just what you want.
----- C. Lee
Between the enhanced speed and the intelligent search functions, Revostock is the ONLY place to go for quality stock After Effects, video and music!
----- M. Froncek - Wisconsin Right to Life
In a demanding and fast paced corporate world, with a budget always in mind, you need to have some impressive effects and footage, titles and music and you HAVE to offer VALUE. With Revostock you can have it all and show that you are a pro, using the style of today.
----- J. Islas
Simply the BEST online resource!!!
----- l. baldry
I am always excited by the new stuff that shows up on revostock, it's like they have a finger on the pulse of the production community.
----- S. Esker - IEEE.tv
Really great site. Very user friendly and functional. Great video.
----- S. Anthony Fadel
The best most useful site for motion graphic artists. There is a focus on security and a powerful search function which makes this the place to go for all my motion graphic needs.
----- s. matar