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How do I upload my footage to RevoStock?

Once you have been approved as a Producer to upload footage to the website, there are two ways to submit your files for review. 1.  DIRECT UPLOADING:  Direct...
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How should I encode or compress my footage before I upload it?

ENCODING VIDEO FOR UPLOADING TO SELL ON REVOSTOCKRevoStock accepts files in several different video codecs. &nb...
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How does www.RevoStock.com pay its Producers and how much can they get paid?

www.RevoStock.com only pays our producers their royalties via PayPal, Moneybookers and Payoneer.� These methods are secure and safe for both us and our producers.� Each time your stock media is downloa...
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How can I use RevoStock footage or After Effects Templates in my productions?

(This is meant to be a general guide on how you may or may not use RevoStock footage in your productions.  Please consult our Content License Agreement for more specific details:)
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What is a music cue sheet and when and why would I need one?

What is a cue sheet?All broadcasters are required to pay fees to certain PROs (performance rights organizations) (ASCAP, BMI, etc.) every time they ...
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What are MediaBoxes and how do I add files to them?

MediaBoxes are organizational tools that allow you to add to and organize the Stock Media files you are interested in so that you can more easily manage, share, and store for future purchase.
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Pricing: What are RevoStock Credits and how do they work?

RevoStock uses a credit system for purchasing stock media from our site.  When you purchase credits they go into your RevoStock credit account.  Then, you will be able to freely download med...
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What are Performing Rights Organizations and Cue Sheets?

NOTE: All information here is for reference only and our Content License Agreement should always be...
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What are Adobe After Effects Templates and How Do I Use Them?

Adobe After Effects is a motion graphics software used in creating motion graphics as well as compositing and special effects. If you have watched television or movies, you have seen After Effects ...
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How should I prepare my thumbnail images for my footage?

When you upload your footage you may submit a thumbnail image as well which will represent that piece of footage throughout the site. � If you do not want to submit a thumbnail image, our system wi...
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What are Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Producer Contracts and what is the difference?

There are two types of contracts you may enter into with www.RevoStock.com.  Each time you upload footage, you will be able to choose which type of contract you would like to enter into f...
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What are the PhotoJPEG and MotionJPEG formats?

PhotoJPEG and MotionJPEG are Quicktime Video Codecs. �We�recommend�these codecs because they are high quality video codecs at relatively low file sizes.Use PhotoJPEG for progressive footage ...
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