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What's It Goonnnnaaa Be?!

When I was a kid, I used to play a card game called "Crazy Eights" with my future brother-in-law.  Crazy Eights is a game which is a generic playing card version of the popular card game "UNO." When my future bro-in-law had one card left, he used to say in his Texan drawl, "What's it gooonnna be?!" That's the thought running through my head right now about our first Media LaunchBox Products! "What's it gooonnnaaa be?!?" 

Media LaunchBoxes are Coming!

What I can tell you is that each RevoStock LaunchBox will be gravitationally good!  We are talking top-shelf After Effects and Motion Templates, 4K and HD Stock Video, Stock Music, and SFX!  The newest and the best!  Plus, the cool thing about Media LaunchBoxes are, we will be constantly listening to you so we can improve them over and over, providing you with stellar content that you can use as you build-out your media arsenal!

Let Us Know What You Would Like us to Launch!

We would love to hear from you. What types of products, themes, genres, styles, etc. do you want to see in our LaunchBoxes? We want to make sure we fill each LaunchBox with media that will leave you starstruck!  Let us know any input you have in the comments below or you can also do so via Twitter or FaceBook!

Get Ready for Lift Off!

Get ready for liftoff everyone!!!  

Note, that the original plan was to launch our first LaunchBox on Tuesday the 26th, but due to the Memorial Day Holiday, we decided to push it to the following week of June 1st!  Thanks!