Stock Video Tutorial

Our slogan when it comes to uploading your video to is, "Only upload the best." Upload video shot with the best lighting, composition, framing and color. Only upload your very best shots.


At RevoStock, we are looking for broadcast quality video. For the most part, we accept video shot on cameras that are "Prosumer" or better. A prosumer camera is semi-professional and typically costs $2000+ and cannot be bought at a local consumer electronics store. However, with the advent of higher quality consumer video cameras we will review video on a camera to camera basis and if the quality stands up to a prosumer/broadcast level we may make an exception.

We will also accept video from Digital SLR cameras that shoot pro quality video.


Camera acquired video uploaded to RevoStock should have the following characteristics:
  • Shot with a clean lens - no smudges or dirt spots.
  • Professional lighting techniques used. No harsh shadows. As a rule, some type of video lighting should be used for indoor settings and outdoor light control techniques should be implemented for outdoor settings.
  • Proper focus technique.
  • Proper composition.
  • Good color.
  • Use of tripod. In general a locked down tripod should be used for most of your shots. Make sure when using a tripod to avoid camera vibration. If shooting hand-held, motion must be smooth.
  • Use of post-filters and color enhancements should be limited to tweaking and improving your file rather than covering up major defects at shooting time. RevoStock will accept "effected" or "filtered" shots if the effects and filters add to the artistic quality of the shot rather than take away from it.
  • Post-applied slow motion should be smooth rather than jittery. If your slow motion effect is jittery it is better to upload at full speed and let the buyer apply slow motion if they wish to do so.
We encourage our producers to try to make EVERY shot the best it could be. Cutting corners and shooting amateur-styled video will hurt your portfolio as well as your sales.



It is important to make sure your video is encoded according to our standards. RevoStock currently accepts video in 3 codecs:
  • Quicktime PhotoJPEG - Generally use for progressive scanned video. Those rendering CG/Motion Backgrounds without alpha channels should use this codec. Use the 75%/high quality level.
  • Quicktime MotionJPEG - Generally use for interlaced video. Use the 75%/high quality level.
  • Quicktime DV - Use for NTSC and PAL DV video.
  • Quicktime H.264 - Must be the Quicktime version of H.264. If encoding to this format use the very best quality.
  • Quicktime PRO-RES 4:2:2
  • Quicktime PNG - Due to the enormous file size, only use for video requiring an alpha channel.
  • Quicktime Animation - Due to the enormous file size, only use for video requiring an alpha channel.
  • H.264/MP4 - Ideally a Quicktime files, but we may accept other formats as well.
Why does RevoStock use PhotoJPEG and MotionJPEG? These 2 codecs are high quality video codecs that are good for video editing and do a great job of compressing video while keeping quality intact. These codecs are also readable by ALL operating systems that can access Quicktime files unlike other formats (HDV, DVCPROHD) that may only be readable on a limited number of operating systems.


  • Quicktime PhotoJPEG - Use the 75%/high quality setting. Only if needed you may go up on the quality setting, but avoid 100% as it will greatly increase file size without a visible increase in quality.
  • Quicktime MotionJPEG - Use the 75%/high quality level. Only if needed you may go up on the quality setting, but avoid 100% as it will greatly increase file size without a visible increase in quality.
  • Quicktime DV - Best Quality.
  • Quicktime H.264 - Best Quality.
  • Quicktime PNG - Default quality setting is Best.
  • Quicktime Animation - High to Best.
  • Quicktime Pro-Res - High to Best.
Why wouldn't I use the highest quality setting when encoding my PhotoJPEG or MotionJPEG files? We have done extensive research on this and have found that in most cases encoding your video above the 75%/high quality level produces NO increase in quality, but a large increase in file size. With these codecs, the 100% quality level uses 4:4:4 color space, which the majority of Digital Video cameras do not use. Using the 100% quality setting will result in huge files and typically provide no increase in visual quality. The High (75%) setting provides outstanding quality with reasonable file sizes.


RevoStock accepts video/backgrounds/FX/Transitions up to 30 seconds in length. Please remember, every shot does not need to be 30 seconds though. Most video edits are typically less than 1-2 seconds in length. Please make sure that there is a good reason for your shot to be the full 30 seconds. Buyers aren't looking for long videos, they are looking for good videos. Aim for 10-15 seconds for best results.

Minimum Length Requirements:

  • Camera Acquired video: 5 Seconds
  • Motion Backgrounds: 10 Seconds (If the file is seamlessly loopable it may be 5 seconds.)
  • FX/Transitions: 2 Seconds


RevoStock sells the following video sizes/formats:

  • NTSC (720X480)
  • NTSC D1 (720X486)
  • PAL (720X576)
  • NTSC Widescreen (720X480)
  • PAL Widescreen (720X576)
  • HDV 1440X1080
  • HD 720
  • HD 1080
  • 4K



Your RevoStock profile/account information MUST BE accurate and fully filled out. We need your full and correct phone and address information before we will be able to approve your account. You may be receiving a verification call from our address/phone verification service.


RevoStock only makes royalty payments via PayPal or MoneyBookers. It is free to sign up with either of these services.

Your royalties are collected until you choose to withdraw them and receive payment.  For instance, you may want to wait until your royalties reach $100 before withdrawing them.  To withdraw, click on the "Withdraw Royalties" link under Producer Tools in the left-nav bar.  There you may either choose to withdraw these royalties or convert them into credits and receive bonus credits. Royalty withdrawals must be made on or before the 8th of each month.  On the 15th of each month we do a mass payment to paypal and MoneyBookers which submits all the royalties for payment at one time.  If you have any questions please contact us.

You MUST withdraw your royalties by the 8th in order to receive them on the 15th. If your royalties are not withdrawn by the 8th, you will have to wait until the next month to receive payment.


RevoStock offers some of the highest payouts in the stock media industry. We offer an exclusive royalty rate and a non-exclusive royalty rate. For details and current rates click here. To view the current royalty schedule and click here to view our current pricing schedule.



You must be the individual that recorded the video with your camera. If you were not the original videographer, then most likely you are not legally allowed to upload and sell the video. If you are submitting a motion background you must be the creator of that motion background. If you are submitting video that includes some type of artwork, you must be the one who created the artwork, unless it is so old that copyright law does not apply. Typically items created before 1920 fit in under this category.


You may not purchase video from any other stock video source, re-touch it or change it, and then upload it to our website for sale. This is very important. If you do so, you will be liable.
If video is uploaded that you do not own, your account will be immediately cancelled.


Footage submitted to the Royalty Free Collection may NOT contain any recognizable logo, advertisement, copyrighted graphics, images or artwork.

  • You would not be able to use footage of an urban scene if there is a recognizable McDonald's sign in the background.
  • You would not be able to use artistic footage moving across a newspaper page if a recognizable magazine ad is shown.
  • You have footage of a modern sculpture outside of your city museum. This would not be acceptable as this sculpture would be copyrighted by the artist.
  • Art produced prior to 1920 is usually allowed as the work is typically public domain.


We encourage you to submit footage using a model(s), but it must be accompanied by a signed model release. When you upload your footage you will have the chance to upload your model release. Print out the model release, have it filled out and signed. Then scan it, or take a picture of it and upload it when you submit your footage using our model release page. If the person is a minor, you must have a parent or guardian sign the release. If your footage has any recognizable face without a model release, it will be given a re-submit notice. You will then be asked to supply a Model release or to re-categorize it for the Editorial Collection.


RevoStock also accepts "Editorial" footage. Editorial footage may have recognizable faces without a model release, but must be footage of news-worthy, social, cultural or political events and scenes.


Property releases are typically a bit more complex. Recognizable footage of private property usually taken from the inside or on the property itself requires a property release. While property typically refers to buildings or structures, it could also refer to autos, boats or collectibles. Shooting general footage of the outside of a building from a public place is typically ok.

The key in this case is how uniquely recognizable the property is. For example, general imagery of a building is ok, but if the exact address is shown you would want to get a property release as that property is now uniquely identifiable. Some famous structures are trademarked. It is best to so some research before submitting footage of them.
whenever possible you should try to obtain a model/property release for your footage. This allows the clip to be included in the Royalty Free Collection which gives the user a broader range of options to use the clip.



  • Make the ordinary extraordinary. - When it really comes down to it, we really believe that ANY shot can be made interesting if the shooter makes it so. Look at every shot as a creative opportunity rather than just "something to shoot." Get as creative as possible using interesting camera angles and framing opportunities to sweeten up the look of your shots. This will help ensure that your files are approved no matter what the subject matter.
  • Avoid the "who cares" shot. - There are certain shots we look at at Revo and while the shot may be ok, our first thought is... "Who cares?!?!" This usually means either the subject matter is uninteresting or the ordinary has not been made extraordinary using creative shooting techniques. Make every shot count by avoiding the "Who Cares" shots.


The following are the types of footage files we like to see at RevoStock.
  • Footage using Models. (Model Released)
  • Business/Financial Scenes
  • Film Effects - Burns, Transitions, etc.
  • Aerials (from a plane of helicopter)
  • Any other niche subject matter that we would not already have.


The following are the types of footage files we already have plenty of at RevoStock and would prefer our shooters move on to other subject matters.
  • Clouds
  • Nature Scenes
  • Parks and park animals, i.e. ducks, butterfiles...


These are the types of files we DO NOT like to see come through our queue.
  • Still shots of still scenes - We call these "Low resolution, high priced stock photos." We are a stock video site and want there to be some type of motion in your shots. If your subject matter doesn't have much motion inherently, then make it a time-lapsed shot or frame the still item with something moving like traffic or grass/trees with the wind blowing through them. Get creative!
  • Shaky Footage
  • Dark Footage
  • Obscene or Controversial Footage - RevoStock reserves the right to refuse any content that we consider pornographic, obscene, offensive, sexually suggestive, controversial, or footage that simply does not fit into the RevoStock library. Footage including nudity or sexually suggestive themes will not be accepted into the library.
  • Overly Basic Motion Backgrounds/Elements - RevoStock is a professional stock media library. Very simple motion background or elements will typically not be approved into our system.
  • Rendered Presets - Rendering out standard/included presets from motion graphics software or plugins and uploading these is prohibited.
Can I, or should I include audio in my file? Only include the audio if it compliments the file being uploaded and is recorded with a quality microphone. Simple ambient noise captured with the camera mic can be very annoying to the customers previewing files on our website and can actually turn them away from your file.

You have finished our tutorial, however either you have not created a free account or you have not logged in yet. Please LOG IN now or CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT to continue.

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