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Settings Information
  • Length Try to make your Video GIF as short as possible while still providing your desired effect to keep your file size low.
  • Loop The looping setting allows you to designate the number of times the video will repeat before stopping.
  • Reverse Setting REVERSE to Yes will play your animation first FORWARD, then BACKWARD. This will create an instant LOOP effect, so you don't have to worry about making the last frame match the first. However, it will double the size of your RevoGIF, so be aware of this!
  • Blur This setting will 'blur' your RevoGIF. The default is NO blur. Setting it to 6 will blur your RevoGIF a lot!
  • Delay Between Frames Delay between frames determins how long your Video GIF will pause and hold each frame(in 1/100 of a second). 10 is the default and will produce a relatively smooth and 'normal' looking animation. If you are having a hard time producing a seamless loop, expirimenting with this setting may help.
  • No Worries! If you don't get your animation right the first time, no worries! You can try again, and again, and again!