MediaBox: Popular Stock Footage of People at RevoStock


When you want to give your video production a unique and authentic value, using Stock Footage with actual people in it can help you achieve that goal. Shooting with models is an expensive gig and sometimes there just isn\'t any need to re-invent the wheel and hire live actors for your shoot. Sometimes, Stock Footage fits the bill and when it does, you need quality footage that has the necessary releases. Releases are very important, because without a proper release you set yourself up for a potential lawsuit down the road. On our product pages, you will notice that the there is a tag called \"Model Release\" which indicates whether or not that particular video comes with a Model Release. This is valuable because when you have a model release, you can then use that footage in a commercial application to sell your product or service. The clips in this MediaBox are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of media files RevoStock has with actors and real people in them. Check them out!