RevoStock Video Blog Episode 1 - RevoGIFs

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Hi everyone!  Here is our first edition of our RevoStock Video Blog!  I am excited to share it with you as this will hopefully be one of many!  I plan on going interviews with our RevoStock producers, reviews, tutorials and more! 

For this first edition, I am talking about our new RevoGIF feature that we recently launched.  It is still a bit in BETA mode, but so far we have received some great feedback from some of the top web design websites out there.

Animated GIFs have made a crazy resurgence in the last few years, but, until now, there have been no options available for royalty-free stock animated GIFs.  Now, with our RevoGIF service, you can get export a custom stock video GIF using any of our Stock Videos!  It's free to try, so check out the video or links below and I would love any feedback you might have!  Thanks for taking the time to watch!!  Your comments and shares are appreciated!

Learn more about RevoGIF's here: REVOGIF HOME PAGE.

You can also read a blog post I wrote on increasing web and email conversions with RevoGIFs here!

If you have any trouble viewing this, click here to watch it on our FaceBook page.