Clean And Simple Logo Extrusion In 2K Afer Effects Template Project

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Clean and simple extruded animated logo in 2K resolution, 2048x1152. Perfect for introducing your videos, using as an ident or as a bumper for your productions.

Well organized project and easy to use. Just drop in your logo, add your website address and you're ready to render! Render comps set up for 2K, 1080p and 720p resolutions to best suit your requirements.

Optical Flares layers are pre-rendered, so no third party plugins are required to work with this template. However, the original OF layers are included for if you have the software and would like to make changes.

This project is provided in CS6 and CS5.5 versions. You will need CS5.5 or later to work with this template.

There's a lot going on in this project with regards to processor intensive effects, so I'd recommend a machine with reasonably decent specs for rendering this logo animation.  I wouldn't recommend trying to render this on a 1.7Ghz single core laptop with 2Gb or RAM (for example)!The 2K version rendered fine on my i7 laptop, but it did take three hours. Smaller resolutions or decent spec desktops should result in much shorter render times.

I hope you like it and thanks for looking!

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Required Software & 3rd Party Plugins

This product is an Adobe After Effects project file. It REQUIRES Adobe After Effects version CS5.5.

  • VC Optical Flares (This plugin is pre-rendered and is not required.)

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