3D CONCERT AND CLUB AUDIENCE Afer Effects Template Project

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This is a very powerful project file that anyone can use. There are NO PLUGINS. Everything is expression driven. Simply duplicate the crowd as many times as you like. Then use the X, Y, and Z slider controls to disperse the crowd. that's it!

All are pre-keyed and light wrapped. You can set up a crowd of thousands in about a minute! All orient towards the camera automatically and their feet never leave the ground no matter where you place the camera.

Also included is a load and go project already populated with thousands of people and ballyhoo lighting. Render ready in full HD 1920 X 1080.

Complete with a video tutorial to get you started, The 3D Concert and Club Audience is the best audience generator, hands down!


No plugins

From the novice to professional, anyone can use this


Light wraps

They always face the camera, automatically

Setup in about a minute

It's cool!

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Required Software & 3rd Party Plugins


This product is an Adobe After Effects project file. It requires Adobe After Effects version CS5 or higher as well as any plug-ins listed below:

Required After Effects Plugins:

No Plug-Ins required.

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