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This project consists of 12 text fields, 12 photo fields (or you can use videos) and 1 replaceable album title. Animation is looped, you can render it several times with different photos and make a longer movie.

Everything is made in AE! You can easily modify all textures, objects and colors!

AE Version:????CS3 (CS4, CS5 and CS6 compatible)

Original version requires trapcode form and particular. Pre-rendered version is included, it requires no plug-ins.

Main composition is 1280*720. Render compositions for all popular formats are prepaired (PAL, NTSC, Youtube)
Photos used in this preview are not included. Fonts (DFKai and Century old style) are not included.

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Required Software & 3rd Party Plugins

This product is an Adobe After Effects project file. It REQUIRES Adobe After Effects version CS3.

  • Trapcode Particular (This plugin is pre-rendered and is not required.)
  • Trapcode Form (This plugin is pre-rendered and is not required.)

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is it possible to include audio and/or around 100 pictures?

Aug 25 2010 12:25 PM

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nowhere production

Product Creator

Hi, thanks for the question! To add audio I would recommend using any video software (Premier, Sony Vegas etc), because its easier to work with sound there. About looping the video, there are 2 possibilities: - just put different photos every time and then re-render the movie as a new video file, then in the video editing software just put them one after one. The album will be opening and closing each loop. - you can render the video files in another way, just make the 4 last photos of the last render as the 4 first photos of the next, and so on. That will give you the possibility to loop the animation without closing/opening the album each loop, so you will get a video of an album opening, then animation of as much photos as you need, then closing the album.

Aug 25 2010 3:16 PM

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