Old Photo Album After Effects Template Project

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This project is aimed for presentation of your photos or photo-like videos. The project is 100% editable in After Effects, no third party plug-ins are required and everything has been kept simple and easy. Simply replace the imagevideo placeholders, text and audio with your own assets and you are done. You can also replace the texture images of 3D table and 3D photo album. You can reset the 3D scene as the 3D elements are visible at any angle. The project has been prepared at HD 1920?1080. You can have output for HD 1080 and HD 720 at 29.97fps. Be aware that the rendering time of this non-prerendered 3D scene may depend on the power of your computer and final output resolution. With a single CPU and 1920x1080 resolution output it may take 5+ hours (without Force Motion Blur effect) to render. With Force Motion Blur effect on the rendering time will increase significantly. You may switch off some invisible 3D layers in order to reduce the rendering need and time. You may also prerender different elements separately and compose them later to a single scene. All texture images and background image are included to the project. The video images and the audio are not included to the project.

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Required Software & 3rd Party Plugins


This product is an Adobe After Effects project file. It requires Adobe After Effects version CS4 or higher as well as any plug-ins listed below:

Required After Effects Plugins: