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Dhruva Aliman creates a musical tale that takes you on a journey to strange places in a fantastic universe teeming with adventure, myth, reflection, and mystery. It is a fantasy world of soundscapes that evoke visions in the mind???s eye, as well as rhythm and beats to dance to. Dhruva Aliman traverses the genres of Electronica, Illbient, Breakbeat, Trance, Jazz Fusion, Big Beat and Ambient. Each song keeps you guessing what???s on the next page of Dhruva???s musical story book. Exciting Production Music here for action adventure, crime in progress, murder, intrigue, and much more. Dhruva nails it with a bang for dramatic filmscores, movie trailers or your grand finale film credits.

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Location Santa Monica, CA
Member Since December 15, 2009
Business Dhruva Aliman Music
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