Techno Stock Music For Production | The Dance Of Mahanaim With Vocals

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This is a nice dance song with female vocals and english lyrics, with an encouraging mood, for remembering good moments, feeling positive emotions, spending a night to remember.
Suitable for TV shows and series, image galleries, presentations, etc.
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Key of D / Tempo of 130
She's not like another queen
Dark girl in a sweet dream.
Poor child of the vineyards
It's hard to be human,
It's hard to believe
She moves as a little girl,
a little girl in a wild world.
Poor child, as a stranger
It's hard to be a woman
your love's not a sin!

Let me dream. Let me dream
Don't awake love until it's ripe Let me feel. Let me feel
Let me keep this fantasy in my troubled mind
I beg for mercy cause I'm sick of love

She's not like another queen
Dark girl in a sweet dream.
Here we are, in Mahanaim
Between Earth and Heaven
dance time, dear Shulamith
There's a new horizon coming
Don't feel as a stranger
Let me keep my way
cause we wanna see the joy,
the joy in your feet.

She was brought to The King,
this little soul from a wild world.
She's ready to face The Truth:
Love is like an ocean
Love is everything ...

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