IMVI Part 6- Tips for a great shot!

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Today we’ve got a few other odds and ends to close out our series. These tips apply to any subject matter:

1. Composition- Not only should you follow the basic rules of composition but you want to make sure your main subject matter is the focus of your composition. So often we see shots where the main subject or action is too small in the shot to be noticeable. Make sure your main subject is the first thing noticed when you view your shot.
2. Subject matter- Before hitting record, take a moment to think about what you are filming. Try to come up with 10 or so possible uses for the subject as a stock clip. Also consider whether the subject matter has been overdone. Stock video has been around for awhile now so a lot of subjects have been covered pretty well. Now is the time to bring out your creative side and show how unique your shots can be.
3. Color- Should you color correct or not?  A good way to judge is to look at your clip at a thumbnail size. How does the contrast look? Do the colors pop off the screen at you? If you viewed your clip along with 100 other clips of similar subject matter, does yours catch the eye? Most clips benefit from basic color correction- things like making sure the white balance is correct and setting your basic black and white levels to ensure good contrast. However going overboard on color correction limits how a buyer can use a shot, because most editors will match the shot to their production. So keep it simple!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief series and have a better understanding of what inspectors are thinking as they work.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve got any other great tips for shooting excellent stock media!