IMVI Part 5- Editorial

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Editorial content is very unique in it’s use and acquisition. There are times when all the rules of conventional videography go out the window just to get the shot! In royalty free stock footage, technical quality and subject matter have the same amount of weight. However, in the Editorial category subject matter can often be more important and concessions to the technical quality sometimes have to be made. We encourage you to strive for excellence in technical quality but do realize there are times when it’s not possible. Sometimes it’s more important to get the shot! So here’s what we look for:
1. Highest technical quality possible- if the clip is less than technically optimal, we try to determine if it would have been possible to get a higher quality shot.
2. Uniqueness- The more common the subject matter, the higher the technical quality needs to be. Even within the Editorial category, there are some subjects we have too much of- for example- crowds and concerts.
3. Accurate Information - Accuracy is of paramount importance for Editorial footage. We are finding it more and more important to put the Location and date for Editorial shots.  For editorial shots, it is rather important and we still may at some point make this a requirement. Description should feature what is happening in the clip and why it’s of editorial value. Accurate information helps a buyer determine if the clip fits their intended use.
4. When viewing a clip, we ask ourselves: Is this Editorial or was the model release just forgotten or the logo not removed? Editorial clips need to have cultural significance or newsworthy value.
5. Minors- We have made some changes to what kind of Editorial clips we accept that contain minors. Minors must be in a very public place and in a large crowd. If clips don’t fit within this criteria, we will evaluate them on a case by case basis but they will most likely need to have a model release from the parent/guardian.
As always, please let us hear your thoughts and opinions. We want to know what you think. Also if you have some good resources for creating better stock footage in these areas, list them in your comment.