IMVI Part 4 - Still Life and Computer Animation

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Happy Monday everyone! Our series continues today with still life/objects and computer animation clips.
Still Life
Object oriented shots are pretty popular and some subjects of these sell well. They make for good b-roll type of shots in an edit. Here’s what we look for:
1. Highly interesting and usable subject matter, also subjects we don’t already have a lot of in the collection. Try to imagine 10 uses for an object before shooting it. If you can do this, then it’s probably interesting enough to stand alone in a shot.
2. Add dimension to your shot. Flat shots of objects look just like photos and there are plenty of stock images out there to accomplish the demand for those subjects. Try using a 3 dimensional camera move in your shot or layer your objects so that there is depth in the shot.

Computer Animation
Animation or CG work is very popular! It can be time consuming for an unskilled buyer to produce quality animation work so it represents a great value for the money. However as we receive more and more CG work, our standards get higher. So here is what we are currently looking for:
1. Technical complexity- there should be an added value in that the buyer can’t easily recreate the clip on their own. Simple manipulation of presets or particle generators are too easy for a buyer to create by themselves.
2. Strong design principles- use of color, shape, form, line, balance
3. Contrast- make sure your animation isn’t too dark or too light to be used- especially if it’s a background type of animation
4. Usability- make sure a clip is long enough to be used easily, often we see clips that are great but too short to really be usable. We see this alot with object oriented 3D clips. Make sure you are leaving some edit room of a few seconds on each end of your clip.
5. Pricing- One CG clip can often take more time than filming a small collection of footage clips. With microstock you are really going for volume selling to make your time investment back. There can also be a lot of competition in CG clips so make sure you are researching and pricing your clips competitively with everything else available!
As always, please let us hear your thoughts and opinions. We want to know what you think. Also if you have some good resources for creating better stock footage in these areas, list them in your comment.