New MediaBox Features

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in our constant desire to improve our user experience and based on feedback from our members, we have added some new features to our MediaBox system that we think you will really like!

On the My MediaBoxes page where you will see a listing of all of your MediaBoxes we have cleaned things up a bit design wise.  We have added a drop down menu (see image 1 number 1) with remove, make public and make private functions to b used with the new select checkboxes (see image 1 number 2.)

Image 1:

On the View MediaBox page, we have added a drop down menu (see image 2 number 3) with "Remove Files" and "Copy Files to Another MediaBox" options.  There are now Select Check Boxes (see image 2 number 4) on each file to be used with the drop down menu.

Image 2:

On the Search Results page, we have added a drop down list of your MediaBoxes (see image 3 number 5) you can use along with the new select checkboxes (see image 3 number 6) on each item.  Use these to select several items and add them to a MediaBox all at once.  Also, you will see a MediaBox icon with a plus sign next to it.  Click this and a form will appear allowing you to create a new MediaBox (image 3 number 7.)

Image 3:

Feedback please?

We would love to hear how this works for you, if you have any problems with it, bugs or display issues.  Also, would like to know if you would like to replace our current MediaBox pop-up system with this.  In other words, if you click the small MediaBox icon on any file, instead of the bottom MediaBox area popping up, the file would just be added to the current selected MediaBox in the new select list.

The only real difference in this is that you would not be viewing the files in the box as you can in the pop-up.  (Of course you can always click through to view the MediaBox contents at any time.)  If removing the pop-up isn't a concern, we think doing away with that pop-up could be a cleaner, quicker and easier solution across the board.

Thanks very much and enjoy!