The Art of Feedback (Surely They Know....)

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No, we don't mean the screaming feedback you get when you place your condensor microphone in front of your guitar amp.  We mean that beautiful gift you give to a business that helps them be the best they can be!

Recently, one of our developers was taking a look at one of our vendor's web-pages and said that there appeared to be an issue with their homepage.  When I asked him if he contacted them to let them know, he said, "Surely they know about this and are working on it."

However, he decided to check anyway and sure enough, they didn't know they had some significant CSS issues on one of their primary pages.

How many times have you noticed something that didn't seem right on a website and thought the same thing?  "They MUST know they have this issue."  With sites like RevoStock that have so many pages and details, we would almost need to hire someone full time to spend each day going through each and every page looking for bugs or design issues or problems and even then we might miss something.

So, if you find something that is an obvious or critical bug, please let us know.  If you notice a page that is out of sorts, maybe a design issue, we would love to know as well.  While we try hard to check each page in 4+ different browsers using Windows and MAC, sometimes we miss something.  So if text is flying off the screen or all of our fonts suddenly turn to Comic Sans or anything else strange or unusual pops up we would love to hear about it. 

Since we launched our feedback system, we have greatly appreciated the kind "Good Samaritans" who have taken time to let us know of a few problems that we might not have know of otherwise.  And this isn't just for us.  Use these principles on any website you visit.

We read every feedback item that is submitted and will respond when applicable.  If you need to get in touch with us and require a response, please use the Helpdesk system instead.

Oh, also... Maybe you want to share something you really like about Revo?  You can use the feedback system for that too and with your permission, your comment might make it into our promotions!

So, thanks to all the unsung heroes out there who feed back.... 

Have a great day!