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hi ryan! yes that is possible, but needs some adjustments. the hands are all seperate clips which can be moved along the time line. the background is fixed to a certain time if u want to use the pre render, but the particular version is adjustable to a new time with a small variation in the key frames. contact me if you need assistance or use the brand new template editing service! regards vF

Oct 05 2011 10:24 PM


Ryan Bodie Films

Hello, Will I be able to change the length of time the video is on screen? I want to put some video clips in and they are various time frames...

Oct 05 2011 10:33 AM

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Clips flying through space and getting picked and clicked by a virtual hand. Compact project which is easy to handle: overwrite existing text layers and place footage in prepared comps. All plugins come pre-rendered and are already placed. However all original comps are included within a seperated project file in case you have the plugins.

Number of Titles and Clips which can be added:

+ Seven Titles
+ Seven Clips
+ Logo

The project is built modular which means by duplicating existing comps and placing them in the final output composition, you could easily create more "Picks and Clicks"!

Font used in this project is "Trade Gothic".

Required Software & 3rd Party Plugins

This product is an Adobe After Effects project file. It REQUIRES Adobe After Effects version CS5.

  • Trapcode Particular (This plugin is pre-rendered and is not required.)
  • Trapcode Form (This plugin is pre-rendered and is not required.)
  • Mojo (This plugin is pre-rendered and is not required.)

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